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S&D Group President – Udo Bullmann

Udo Bullmann has been elected President of the S&D Group on 20th March. He now leads the Group’s 188 MEPs.



Born in Giessen, Germany, on 6 June 1956, he joined the German social democratic party SPD in 1975.

In 1999, Udo Bullmann was elected as a Member of the European Parliament, where he joined the socialist group, called Group of the Party of European Socialists. Since his election, Udo has been serving on the economic and monetary affairs (ECON) committee. In this work, he has focused in particular on making financial markets fairer and more transparent, on fighting the austerity policies, and on mobilising strategic investments in order to create sustainable growth and quality jobs in Europe.

From 2012 to 2017, Udo Bullmann led the German SPD delegation in the S&D Group until his election as first Vice-President of the S&D Group.

Udo Bullmann is married and has three children He loves music and football and enjoys literature.

Following his election he declared:

“In the run-up to the European elections, we must focus on our core strengths of teamwork and solidarity. Only as a united movement, will we be able to meet the challenges of our time. Central to this is the fight against inequalities of all kinds – whether economic, social, territorial or between the genders. The development of a fair migration agenda, proposals for fair global trade and measures for a sustainable environment must also be the focus of our work.

“The S&D Group is a unique community of extraordinary people – a diverse and united group of engaged women and men from different generations and national backgrounds. I firmly believe that together we can bring about the fundamental change that our societies so desperately need. This requires a renewed social democracy, committed to the sustainable development of our societies. I am convinced that our group can provide the decisive impulses for this.”

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